We will always be together.
We make small, light, warm sleepingbag.

Young passion and proper values which 

come from full of youth, But also good design is aesthetic 

That is FEATHERDOWN's future.

젊음이 주는 열정과 올바른 가치관.. 

그리고 예쁜 디자인의 상품.. 

FEATHERDOWN 미래라고 생각합니다.


Featherdown is sleepingbag special shop that pursue reasonable price and stylish design. Featherdown is made by a young designer who loves hiking and traveling. The young designer did his utmost to make this shop. The branding was started by questioning "Isn't the price bit high?" , "How could we get rid of price bubbles" As designer who goes hiking and trekking in person. He started making this brand to allow consumers to buy stylish designed products at reasonable prices. Specialized sleeping bag which has design that assimilate with nature. 

Featherodwn 은 합리적인 가격과 Design을 추구하는 침낭전문 브랜드입니다. 여행과 등산을 좋아하는 한 젊은 디자이너가 한땀한땀 정성으로 제작한 BRAND 입니다. Branding 시작은.. "왜 이렇게 비싸지? " 거품을 뺄수는 없을까? 하는 의문에서 출발했으며, 직접 등산과 트래킹과 여행을 다니며 디자이너로써 드는 생각은.. 합리적인 가격으로 좋은 Design 제품을 사용할수 있게 하자는 생각에서 출발을 하게 되었습니다. 자연속에 동화되는 감성을 지닌 디자인과 전문적인 Sleeping Bag .


2012. 03. With the launch a sleeping bag. 

2012. 03. The first group buying sleeping bag.

2013. 01. Product launch 1500g, 1800g, 2000g, sleeping bag

2014. 11. Business registration "FEATHERDOWN"

2015. 12. Launch limited edition pertex endurance, Quantum product.

a sleeping bag is "FEATHERDOWN"

We will always be together.