a sleeping bag is
small, light, warm

Featherdown is sleepingbag special shop that pursue reasonable price and stylish design. Featherdown is made by a young designer who loves hiking and traveling. He started making this brand to allow consumers to buy stylish designed products at reasonable prices. Specialized sleeping bag which has design that assimilate with nature.             

We make 

small, light, warm 


a sleeping bag is "FEATHERDOWN"

We will always be together.

Young passion and proper values which

 come from full of youth, But also good design is aesthetic 

 That is FEATHERDOWN's future. 

 젊음이 주는 열정과 올바른 가치관.. 

그리고 예쁜 디자인의 상품

 FEATHERDOWN 미래라고 생각합니다.